Unshakable Trading

I Help Traders Break Free From Poverty Mindsets, End Self Sabotage, Eradicate Imposter Syndrome, And Become An Unshakable Trader.

Because I know what it feels like.
I’ve both made and lost more money than I ever thought possible within seconds of being in trades…
I’ve felt what it’s like to have my hope rise and fall with each tick…
I know what it feels like to question every decision I make based on a market outcome that I cannot control…

Why Unshakable Trading?

As a Trader you know how important it is to be able to stay “in the zone” and to be in “the right mindset”.  The problem is that trading has the unique ability to draw out our deepest insecurities. 

  • Perhaps deep down you believe you don’t deserve your profits and end up watching them bleed out each month.
  • Perhaps you’re constantly trying to prove yourself to the market or to other people and end up in a shame or anger spiral with each loss.
  • Perhaps  you have constant doubt in your abilities and miss trade after trade without pulling the trigger.
  • Perhaps you’re overconfident and you still end up giving your profits back to the market time and time again 
  • Ever tried to make a deal with the market?  Hoping against hope it’ll go back in the direction?

Let's Get Clear Right From The Start...

I’m not here to sell you on another indicator, or “sure fire” system for your trading.  My job is to help you breakthrough your reasons, excuses, and stories that keep you from making money.  You know your system, you know the technicals in trading, and you know that you should be making money…    This is why I specifically work with the subconscious mind and together we weed out the issues…   

Seminars & Workshops

Take things to the next level and experience a seminar or workshop for yourself.  Be sure to check our event calendar for workshops near you.

1 on 1 Coaching & Training

Looking for the personalized one on one impact?  Nathan also offers training & coaching via in-person, phone, and Zoom sessions.

Online Products

Choose from several powerful online products ranging from Stress Management to Overcoming Excuses.  Learn from your own home, on your own time.

Be Honest With Yourself...

Have you?

  • Been too afraid to pull the trigger on a trade?
  • Analyzed yourself right out of profit?
  • Found yourself unfocused and frustrated?
  • Been unable to replicate profitable trades?
  • Fearful of what your profit & loss statement looks like?
  • Been constantly distracted and missed out on winning trades?
  • Felt like no one understands the stress you are under?
  • Made excuses about why you’re not trading regularly?
  • Lied about your profits and losses to your friends and family?
  • Questioned why you got into trading in the first place?

There is a better way…

Nathan Gist

What People Are Saying About Unshakable Trading

Powerful Lasting Change

Expectations are exceeded!  I first went to an information session just out of curiosity of how it could be practically applied.  I then got a sample of what it really is (not like on TV) and how powerful it is to focus and change behaviors…walked me through understanding behaviors I have developed and how to change them to my benefit.  It’s much more focused on change and techniques to keep it going.  ~David H.

Overcome Trading Anxiety

Nathan, I just wanted to update you on what’s been happening …. it’s been a miracle …. it stuck!!!! I don’t know how you did it but I think you helped me dissipate all that negative energy I was storing inside myself with self-blame, past-regret, and all kinds of comparison/competition nonsense. I am a completely different person now … I almost feel like I got reborn. Not only did all my bad habits mostly go away, and I just feel amazing. In the beginning, I was so afraid it wouldn’t stick but I’ve realized that I’m in control of switching myself to the right path. ~Terri B.

Build Your Trading Confidence

I have had four sessions with Nathan Gist, and had a significantly positive impact on my self-confidence and peace of mind.  Nathan is a master at his craft, and he is also an excellent coach.   I highly recommend Nathan for those looking to boost their self-confidence and/or begin the process of healing old wounds.  ~Scott B.

Don't Miss Out On The Next Big Deal!

Don’t waste another minute making excuses as to why your not as successful as you want to be.
This is your moment right here and right now to take back control of your trading!

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