Unshakable Trading


After my first session, it was like a switch was flipped.  I immediately had more energy and less distraction. ~Justin F.


I found Nathan kind, patient, friendly. He helped me get to a good place.  If you are tired of all the quick gimmicks call Nathan. He understands and is not judgmental. He is in your corner. ~Jeff M.


Very informative, fun, and nice to interact with others while learning.  Nathan is very good at what he does! ~Erica M.


At my first session, Nathan provided me with tips, tools and techniques to halt the anxiety before it gets a grip on me.  The second and third sessions were more tailored to my fears and getting to the root of them.  I found all 3 sessions to be most helpful and as I utilize what I've learned (and what I've learned about myself), I have hope that one day soon I will discover the joy in each and every day.  I especially appreciate Nathan's methods of bringing mind, body and spirit together!  Nathan is a gift to the Fredericksburg community. ~Bonnie S.


This presentation was great Nathan Gist was a awesome teacher today.  Kept things exciting and made you want to keep learning. ~Devon S.


My husband was so refreshed and energetic after his first hypnosis experience with Nathan Gist that I knew I needed to try what it was all about.  Nathan helped me to address issues of anxiety, fear and plan for the birth of our son.  Nathan is great, professional, enthusiastic and is truly passionate for the field and exceeds the needs of his clients.  I definitely recommend him for any issue you are trying to deal with and develop tools to accept and overcome. It sure beats traditional therapy and helps to address the causes head on in a shorter amount of time. ~Nia D.


Nathan Gist was professional and knowledgeable in providing service. The hypnosis worked for me and it will help me to continue to work on my stress issues as well as concentration. I highly recommend. ~Kevin G.




I am so glad I called my experience has been life changing.  After my first session with Nathan Gist...I have found a joy for life and a contentment within myself that I have never experienced.  Nathan is very knowledgeable and compassionate person and he will explain how the process works and will make sure you are totally comfortable and he will give you the tools for success.  Be open to the process and it will change your life for the better. ~Regan S.


Nathan Gist was an incredible teacher.  Very welcoming, and engaging.  He taught me a lot.  ~Martin H.


I decided to try hypnosis after meeting Nathan Gist at a meeting.  I truly was an emotional mess.  Nathan made me feel completely at ease about the process by getting to know me better and understanding my goals.  He is an amazing person who truly cares about his clients.  I can't begin to tell you how these sessions impacted me.  As for the stress, this is going to sound totally corny, but when I left my sessions with him I felt so good about myself I felt like I could fly! He really helped me get past the issues that were weighing me down and gave me a freedom I had only known through one other method before.  If you are having any hesitations about seeing him please don't, this experience truly changed my life and I am confident it can do the same for you. ~Tracy T.


Nathan reiterated some things that I already knew but in the best possible way.  It allows you to put it into practice ~ Adam L.


Nathan Gist is great, and helped me with issues I had in my life. I just moved here from Utah, and I cannot recommend anyone else higher. I saw him last about a month ago, and see him again tomorrow. It is so awesome to feel the freedom of being released of the emotional trauma we bind ourselves with. He's great at helping us let all that go. ~Mark K.


Nathan is AMAZING!!! I have been doing sessions for a while now and I have had outstanding results. I've tried both the in person sessions as well as the downloadable audio sessions and they are just great.  ~Jessy S.


An excellent mix of theory and practicum. ~Norman M.