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About Nathan

Nathan Gist

Why Do It?

“When it all comes to an end, we are not measured by our wealth nor by self-serving accomplishments, but by how much we have contributed to our society to benefit mankind.”  ~Papa

It’s been years since my grandfather wrote these words to me, and they have resonated ever since.

Each of us has a limited time for breaths to take, love to share, and opportunities to embrace.

…And for the last 20 years I have looked for ways to serve, whether in the jungles of northern Thailand with the tribal Lahu people, radio shows, or even stadiums filled with overly caffeinated teenagers.

From international grade school kids, to federal agencies I’ve worked with the singular purpose of inspiring people to be their best and to realize possibilities.

With a unique blend of humor, fun, and faith my main drive is to connect and to teach how to live and trade to the fullest.

~Nathan Gist


Nathan's Approach

Unshakable Trading programs are designed to help individuals and teams break through mental boundaries, and accomplish massive success and profits. Our programs serve as a catalyst to breaking down limiting beliefs, and learning new ways of thinking. Utilizing Nero-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Psychology, and some good ole' Mental Grit Unshakable Trading is your toolbox for success.

Meet Nathan

Nathan Gist is an International Speaker, Trader, Radio Host, Business Owner, Husband and Father.

Nathan Gist - Trainer

Nathan Gist

Trading Coach & Trainer 

After spending years trading the mini-Dow and Gold futures Nathan realized the most critical part of successful trading is how a trader thinks and executes the trade.  Nathan's goal is to train traders how to quickly and effectively adopt unshakable mindsets for consistent profit.

Next Steps...

Don't waste another minute making excuses about why you're not as successful as you want to be.  This is your moment right here and right now to take control of how you trade.


Not just words; Strategies

Words and motivation are great but then what?…

Each talk, workshop, presentation, or course comes with simple easy to follow steps and guidelines to desired outcomes.

The purpose is to give you and your team the tools and techniques you need for success.

A little more about Nathan...

  • A Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotist
  • Certified Trainer of Neurolinguistics Programming through the National Federation of NLP
  • Certified Master Hypnotist through Atlantic Hypnosis Institute & Work Smart Hypnosis
  • Previously Certified Personal Trainer with World Instructor Training Schools
  • Certified in Hypnosis and Sports Performance from the American Hypnosis Association
  • A Certified Master Neurolinguistics Practitioner from the National Federation of NLP
  • Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor from Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis
  • Bachelors Degree in Theology from Life Christian University
  • A Certified Neurolinguistics Practitioner from Virginia NLP
  • Certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid from the National Council for Behavioral Health
  • A Landmark Education Graduate
  • Certified Educational Excellence Practitioner through Sheila Granger and CPD Training

As a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists & the American Hypnosis Association, we uphold a solid Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.